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Jhordan Military Gear
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Reopen at new Location on January 25, 2019

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Some items are not stocked at our Tampa Retail Store location. These Items are shipped directly from the warehouse and normally received within 3-4 business days.

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This category contains military manuals, dog tags, jewelry, lighters, shoe care products, wallets, watches, whistles

Military Uniforms

coveralls, flight suits, military uniforms, BDU uniforms, ACU uniforms, BDU pants, BDU shirt, ACU Pants, ACU shirts, camouflage pants, camouflage shirts, thermal clothing, swat pants, black pants, blue pants, emt pants, fatigue pants


army digital camo molle gear, molle gear, molle mag pouch, molle canteen cover, MOLLE rack vest, MOLLE tactical holster, MOLLE waist pack, MOLLE drop leg platform, MOLLE dump pouch, MOLLE mag pouch, MOLLE hydration system, MOLLE Butt pack, MOLLE 3 day assualt pack, MOLLE Alice pack, MOLLE combat pack

Bags and Packs

Alice packs, backpacks, carrying bag, duffels, gear bags, medical bags, day packs, GI alice pack, military alice pack, green alice pack, trauma medical bag, emt bag, police gear bag, flight bag, shoulder bag

Boots, Shoes and Socks

military boots, jungle boots, combat boots, oxford shoes, military sock, desert boots, tactical boots, security boots, police boots, desert socks, cold weather socks, army socks, security socks, police socks, black socks

Camping Gear

axes, saws, picks, camping gear, canteens, shovels, outdoors gear, compasses, military shovel, folding shovels, military canteen, army canteen, folding cots, tents

Sweaters and Liners

Military sweaters, wool commando sweaters, shemaughs, V-neck sweaters, button up sweaters, zipper up sweaters, pull over sweater, coat liners, jacket liners, military coat liner, army coat liner, marine corps coat liner, desert scarf, desert head cover


ka-bar knife, smith and wessson knife, folding knife, military knife, survival knife, machetes, boot knife, sword, ontario asek knife, boyonet, utility knife, military combat knife, military survival knife, camping knife, fishing knife, MK3 knife, US Navy Seal combat knife, marine corps combat knife

Public Safety

law enforcement unifroms, emt pants, public safety shorts, EMT shirts, fire fighter pants, fire fighter shorts, rain gear, tactical product, security shirts, security pants, emergency medical bags, emergency medical gear, emt shorts, fire fighter shorts

Shirts and Shorts

Military shirts, camo shirts, desert camo shirts, camouflage t-shirt, military t-shirt, women army t-shirt, t-shirts, camouflage shorts, military shorts, desert camo shorts, digital camo shorts, woodland camo shorts, marine corps t-shirt, men t-shirts, camouflage shirts,military cargo shorts, miltary utility shorts, digital camo shorts, army shorts, navy blue shorts, swat shorts, emt shorts, police shorts, city camo shorts, woodland camo shorts, utility shorts, 6 pocket shorts, hiking shorts, kaki shorts, military shorts, military golf shirts, bdu shirt, brawny sherpa-lined flannel shirts, army air corp bdu shirt, marine golf shirt, army golf shirt, camo shirt, desert camo shirts, black shirts, blue shirts, kaki shirts, army shirts, military shirts, cheap shirts

Rainwear and Outdoors Clothing

deluxe reflective rain parkas, yellow pvc rainjackets, safety green refective rain jacket, rainsuits, hi-visibility rainsuits, ponchos, military ponchos, rain coats, rain cover, rain gear, rain wear, Black N 3B Parka, Woodland Camo Parka


women camouflage pants, women camouflage capri pants, women tops, women camouflage t-shirts, women tank tops, women camo purses, women swimware, women camouflage skirts, women camo shorts, women pants, women fatigue pants, women camo underware, women booty shorts, women camouflage sweatshirts, women underware, women bathing suits

Military Vision Center

binoculars, night vision goggles, military sun glasses, aviator style sunglasses, Air force pilots sunglasses, 58mm generals sunglasses, 52mm Air force pilots polarized sunglasses, ballistic lens eyewear, Aviator style Air Force sunglasses, eye wear protection kit, wind and dust goggles, tactical googles, tactical otical system

Military Insignia and Patches

Miliatry flags, ribbons, military decals, military tag plates, bumper stickers, military embroidered patches, rank insignia, rank patches, military crest

Military Coats and Jackets

Jhordan Military Gear carry a complete line of military type jackets and coats. This category contains military coats and jackets, M-65 field jackets, women and men military style jackets,bomber jackets, Peacoats, flight jackets available for sale online.

Caps and Hats

hats, fatigue caps, kids caps, kid hats, military headwear, hunting caps, jungle hats, boonies, fishing hat, berets, pith helmet, camouflage hat, camouflage caps, military caps, military low profile insigna caps, police-security cap, miltary fatigue caps, adjustable fatigue caps, marine corps fatigue cap, camo boonies

Gloves and Belts

Military gloves, tactical gloves, hunting gloves, police gloves, nomex goves, military web belts, army belt, marine corp belt, military belts, cold weather gloves, camouflage belts, camo belts, swat belts, online belts, olive belts


boys camouflage shirts, kids military pants, boys camo pants, kids military boots, kids combat boots, kids flightsuit, kids camo t-shirts, girls camo t-shirts, infant camo bodysuit, infant camo clothing, girls camo outfits, girl camo pants, kids camo shorts, kids camo pants, girl camo shorts,

Shooting and Hunting

military holsters, tactical holsters, duty belts, gun cleaning kits, camo netting, mosquito netting, camo hand wrap, comauflage face paint, face paint, ghillie suits, camouflage system, ammo can, rifle magazine loader, airsoft guns, laser rifle sight, slingshots

Vests and Underware

Long johns, high visibility safety vests, ems rescue vest, tactical vests, camoflauge vest, military underwear, orange safety vest, boxer shorts, mens brief shorts, camouflage boxer shorts, camouflage briefs, MOLLE vests, GEN III underware, thermal underware, ECWCS underware


helmets, nightstick, batons, tactical protective gear, self defense spray, acu digital camo helmet, black expandable police baton, military baton, USMC type sword, elbow pads, knee pads, police anti-riot shield, miltary tear gas, pepper spray


mag-lite flashlight, steamlight flashlight, military flashlight, LED flashlight, LED headlamp, camoflauge flashight, rechargeable flightlights, rechargeable flashlights, maglite side handle

Physical Training

military training pants, shirts, sweat shirts, sweat shorts, miltary sweat pants, physical training t-shirts, physical training outfits, exercise outfits, sweat suits

Blankets and Towels

military blankets, military towels, army blanket, navy blanket, marine corps blanket, marine corps towel, army towel, cotton towels, polyester blankets, soft polar fleece blankets, camouflage blanket, woodland camo blanket, baby pink camo blanket, blank military embroidered towels, micro fiber body towels


novelty item, military novelties, miliitary bears, honor bear, army hot sauce, marine hot sauce,air force hot sauce air force barbecue sauce, armforces hot sauce, armforce barbecue, coffee, toliet paper wipes, online at jhordan military gear.

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Medical Supplies

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